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2023 NTM 1

Harbour Master

April 2023

Revised Pilotage Directions shall come into force on 15th April 2023 on which date the existing
Pilotage Directions are revoked.

Revised Pilotage Directions will come into force on the 15th of April 2023. Replacing the existing Pilotage Directions.

These Pilotage Directions may be cited as the Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners Pilotage Directions 2023 and are made by the Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissioners, a competent harbour authority within the meaning of the Pilotage Act 1987, in exercise of its powers under Section 7 of that Act.

Please refer to further information contained within the document 'NtM 0123 - Pilotage Directions 2023'. All in force local NtM can be found by following the link (External)


NtM 0123 - Pilotage Directions 2023
Download PDF • 171KB

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