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Foyle Marine Services offer a range of maritime services including the following:

- Harbour towage

- Seagoing towage

- Seabed levelling / ploughing

- Maintenance and capital dredging including landing ashore of sand for beneficial use

- Multibeam echosounding survey


Foyle Port offers a full in-house towage service to all vessels that are subject to towage within the port limits. Towage is conducted in accordance with strict regulations. A copy of the Towage Regulations is available upon request.

The Harbour Authority reserves the right to amend the requirements at any time depending upon prevailing conditions.

Seagoing towage service can also be accommodated. Please get in touch to request further details.

The Port's Tug fleet consists of the following vessels which are available for hire both within the port limits and external contracts.



IMO: 9777137

Twin screw with Azimuth thrusters

48.8 tonne bollard pull

Length overall 22.73 metres

3000 bkW (4023 bhp) at 1600 rpm

2 tonne crane on winch



IMO: 9221293

Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD)

34 tonne bollard pull

Gross Tonnage 112 tonnes

Length Overall 17 metres

2600 Horse Power

Culmore tug.jpg


IMO: 8111556

Single screw with bow thruster

42 tonne bollard pull

Gross tonnage 291 tonnes

Length Overall 32.4 metres

2640 Horse Power



Lough Foyle.JPG


IMO: 7823310

Trailer suction dredger

Dimensions 75m x 9.5m x 3.8m

Dredging within 15 miles from shore or 20 miles from port

Hopper capacity 850m³

Pump ashore port and starboard

Argus - Cairnryan.jpg


MMSI: 235093173

Trailer suction dredger

Dimesions 63m x 7.3mm x 2.7m

Hopper capacity 450m³



IMO: 9126376

Seabed ploughing vessel

Dimensions 16.9m x 5m

Plough capacity 5m³

Foyle Marine Services provides all the Port's internal conservancy needs including dredging of the main channel, sea bed levelling and hydrographic survey.  In addition to our internal dredging requirement we can offer our services and expertise for external dredging contracts.  Foyle Marine Services have many years experience in providing dredging services to other Ports and have dedicated dredging vessels as well as a state-of-the-art plough and survey vessel which can be mobilised at short notice with a highly experienced crew.



Foyle Marine Services provides specialist marine hydrographic survey using either single or multibeam survey software with the ability to collect, process and generate final product such as plotting,volume calculations and 3D models.

Foyle Surveyor.jpg


MM: 235076772

Multipurpose survey vessel

Single and multibeam echosounders

Moonpool and A-frame with winch for seabed sampling

Accomdation certified for 8 passengers



IMO: 9126376

Single beam survey suite

Dimensions 16.9m x 5m