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The Green Team's Beach Clean

Foyle Port’s Green Team joined forces with Culmore Community Partnership’s Litter Pick group to take part in a beach clean today at Culmore Point.

The Green Team is an internal group of volunteers at Foyle Port who seek to improve sustainability efforts within the Port and help make the local community greener.

Kitted out in high-vis vests, gloves and litter pickers the 13 volunteers set to work cleaning up discarded rubbish washed up on the beach. The team managed to collected 16 bags of plastic and litter in just two hours across half a mile of shoreline.

Una Cooper, Manager of Culmore Community Partnership said, “We are delighted the Foyle Port staff are volunteering their time to make Culmore a cleaner, tidier and more beautiful place to live. We appreciate the opportunity for the Hub to work in partnership with Foyle Port who have always been so supportive of our community programmes. It’s great to introduce the team to our volunteers who work so hard in our community.”

Lynette McKinney, Head of HR at Foyle Port said, “There was a real community spirit here today. It was wonderful to see the team taking time out of their busy schedules to join the Hub’s volunteers to achieve a cleaner coast.”

Lynette went on to say, “Today is World Mental Health Day and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it than doing something to benefit the environment while taking time outdoors in the fresh sea air.”

Foyle Port’s Senior Engineering Manager, David O’Neill spearheaded the event. David commented, “Culmore Point is within the area of jurisdiction of the Port and it is important to us to preserve the coastline in whatever way we can. The volunteers did a fantastic job today working together and there is a great sense of accomplishment. Today was a reminder that small efforts can have a significant impact.”



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